"Pavera" Serving Dish / Rainbow / Turquoise Rim

"Pavera" Serving Dish / Rainbow / Turquoise Rim

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In Michoacán this style of serving dish is called a "Pavera" because it can be used to serve up a turkey dinner. And no doubt it would look great as part of your Thanksgiving spread. But with its beauty & versatility we think you will find yourself using it regularly throughout the year, not just during the holidays. It is oven-safe, so you can use it for hot dips & dishes. Or simply use it when putting out fruit or snacks at a party.

This dish is hand-painted and twice-fired in small batches through our partners' kilns. The name of the painting style is "Capuliñado", after the town in Michoacán where they are sourced. The Pavera is very popular among our local clients in Mexico City and the rainbow color scheme (or "arco iris" en español)  is a favorite. The basin is painted in a series of colored rows, akin to a rainbow. The exterior maintains the natural color of the clay, but with a nice glossy finish from being fired with a transparent enamel.

Available in 5 distinct rim colors: Royal Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Orange, and Red. 

PLEASE NOTE: the artisans paint the sequence of colored rows in various combinations. We guarantee the rim color will match your selection, but the sequence of rows within the arco iris may vary slightly from what is depicted in the photos. 

Out of stock? We are usually able to special order out of stock items. Please email us at paskwarho@paskwarho.com and we will let you know how soon we can get this for you. 


Large: 17.25" x 9" x 2.75"; weight 3.7 lbs
Medium: 16.5" x 8.5" x 2.75"; weight 3.1 lbs
Small: 15.5" x 7.5" x 2.5"; weight 3.0 lbs

ORIGIN: Michoacán

Perfectly imperfect
Each one of the products we select for sale is unique & handcrafted. As a result, no two pieces will be exactly alike. You may find idiosyncrasies in the hand-painted pattern. Or your product may include an organic mark based on how the smoke swirled in the kiln during the firing of that specific batch. We only sell pieces that we ourselves would be happy to display in our home. Our feeling is that very small imperfections add to the distinct charm of the piece. Please understand that these items will not appear completely uniform, as might mass-produced ceramics available at global retail stores. 

Online Pricing vs Showroom Pricing
If you either live in Mexico City or will be visiting Mexico City soon we invite you to contact us and arrange an appointment to visit our showroom in Coyoacán. When we sell directly to our clients in person, we do not incur packaging & shipping costs, which means we can offer our local clients discounted showroom pricing. 

Special orders
We welcome your inquiries regarding special orders. Over the years of working with our artist partners we have found them to be very flexible and enthusiastic with respect to receiving our special requests. If you are willing to invest the time & investment required to bring a special order to life, we would be happy to help you. To get the ball rolling please send us a message describing your idea. 

Right now the majority of our items ship directly from México. Therefore we offer shipping to customers in the US & Canada. If you live in another part of the world and would really like to purchase one of our pieces, please reach out to us with details and we can provide a shipping quote for your consideration. 

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Shipping time varies, but generally takes between 7 - 21 days to arrive. We use a combination of MexPost and USPS, which provides a tracking number so we can monitor delivery progress. 

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If an item arrives damaged and the damage was clearly the fault our shipping partners we will replace it with a like item of equal value or issue a refund. Refund / replacement requests must be made within 2 business days of receipt and be accompanied by photo documentation of the damaged item.  

Caring for your products
For specific care recommendations please see the info provided on each product's detail page. However in general we recommend that you care for the products in the manner that makes you most comfortable. For example, we use many ceramic pieces on a daily basis -- coffee mugs, soup bowls, water tumblers, etc. -- and we run them through the dishwasher without issue. But you may prefer to hand wash your items. We have also cooked & baked numerous times with the ceramic paveras. But you may prefer to use them to display fruits or candies rather than prepared hot dishes. The bottom line is while we have personally seen them to be dishwasher safe and oven ready over a few years' of use, we certainly understand if you would be more comfortable treating them a bit more cautiously.

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