Shipping & Delivery

Shipping pottery is not easy. The pieces are breakable. Orders that include multiple pieces can get heavy. We wish there was a way to safely and easily get the pieces to our customers all over the world. Maybe there is, but we have not found it yet. In the meantime, this is how we approach the issue of shipping & delivery. 

Within Mexico City
We offer two options for our local clients. First option is to schedule a pick up at our showroom in Coyoacán. Second option is to schedule a delivery. Delivery is included for no extra charge on orders of $30 USD or more. For orders of less than $30 USD we charge a $3.00 delivery fee. 

For our customers in the US & Canada we have 6 tiers of delivery options

Tier 1 is for jewelry - shipping is $4.00 and can take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive.

Tiers 2 & 3 are for textiles. Smaller wool bags ship for $9 while larger wool bags ship for $15. These also take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive. 

Tiers 4 - 6 are based on the size and weight of the boxes required to securely send pieces on their international journey. We understand it is costly. To some it may not make sense to pay shipping charges equal to or greater than the cost of the pieces you're buying. Others might look at the unique origin and quality of the item and consider shipping fees part of the total acquisition cost. Unfortunately we have not found a better alternative. It is also unfortunate that we cannot configure Shopify to dynamically calculate which combination of pieces can fit safely into which boxes. So in all likelihood the shipping charge you see at checkout will be the maximum amount based on the assumption that each individual piece is boxed and shipped separately. If you would like to purchase multiple pieces, please contact us before completing your purchase to see whether we can consolidate items and minimize your shipping fees. 

If we are able to safely ship your piece(s) for an amount less than the shipping fee charged, we will refund you the difference. For example, if you buy two small molcajetes it is possible we can send them both together for $65 rather than charge you $45 in shipping for each item. Of if you would like to buy multiple dessert plates it is very likely that we can pack 4 - 6 of them in a box that ships for $45. Another great example would be if you wished to purchase two of our pavera bakers. Shipping is the same whether you buy 1 pavera or 2 paveras. 

On the other hand, if we cannot find a way to securely ship your purchase for the fee charged, we will contact you to arranger either a full refund of your purchase or explore other options for receiving your items (e.g, perhaps someone you know is traveling from cdmx soon?). We will always look try to ship your pieces for the lowest amount possible, but we have learned the hard way that packing multiple pieces in the same box can cause problems. 

Tier 4 is for pieces that can be packed securely into a box measuring 40x30x30 (centimeters). This would include items such as coffee mugs, small molcajetes, and dessert plates.
For these items we charge $45 and we send them via Mexpost / USPS.

Tier 5 is for pieces that can be packed securely into a box measuring 40x40x40 (centimeters). This includes items like our pasta bowls, medium and large molcajetes, napkin holders, and medium salad bowls. 
For these items we charge $65 and we use

Tier 6 is for the largest pieces that can be safely shipped for a somewhat reasonable price. The box sizes we use here are 50x50x50, 55x39x39, or 65x43x39 (all centimeters). Products such as our platillo volante, platillo cuadrado, pavera bakers, and charola ovalada require these larger boxes for safe shipping.  
For these items we charge $105 and we use

If you have any questions about shipping charges or logistics, please contact us prior to completing your purchase and we will be glad to work through options with you.