Spoon Rest / Grass Green Capuliñado

Spoon Rest / Grass Green Capuliñado

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These spoon rests are the result of a collaboration with one of artisan partners from Michoacán. We loved their work (like, the chocolateros, or the paveras, or the molcajetes ...), and wanted to see how their style might look on a spoon rest -- a piece you can use in your kitchen every day. Turns out they look great!

These spoon rests are hand-painted and twice-fired in small batches through our partners' kilns. The name of the painting style is "Capuliñado", after the town in Michoacán where they are sourced. The basin is painted completely with a white flower pattern, while the exterior maintains the natural color of the clay, but with a nice glossy finish from being fired with a transparent enamel.


Length: 10"
Width at head of spoon: 4.75"
Width at base of spoon: 2.75"
Weight 1.0 lb each

ORIGIN: Michoacán

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