Visit with Jose & Janette in Estado de México

Villa de Allende, Estado de México

Earlier this spring we had the chance to visit with Jose & Janette out on their farm in Estado de México, about 2 hours west of Mexico City. We first met Janette last December when she was in CDMX at a Fonart-sponsored expo in Coyoacán. After chatting a bit about some ideas we had, we agreed to test out a custom order. This trip was to pick up that hand-embroidered blanket as well as see first hand how they work.

Reviewing textiles with Jose & Janette in Villa de Allende

One reason we love visiting with our artist partners is that we always learn something new. They gave us a full tour of their farm, introduced us to their extended family, and showed us many examples of their work out in the sun and fresh air. Just an incredible afternoon.

Cristian showing Judy his horsemanship skills

We learned that the work of Jose and Janette is really “farm-to-blanket”. They raise their own sheep to provide the wool for their pieces. And where possible they create natural dyes using plants and flowers from their property. Knowing this adds another layer of appreciation for the uniqueness and authenticity of these pieces.

Raising sheep to source the wool for their blankets

They create natural dyes from the plants and trees on their farm

We also learned something new about the Mazahua people of central México, whose traditions inspire most of the designs you see here, as well as the "conejo" pillowcases  available in our shop.

Mazahua deer image

Mazahua universe image

Mazahua universe image with elote

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