New Oaxaca Partnership - Amazing Hand-woven Wool Bags

Two years ago we took a short trip to Oaxaca. It was one part anniversary celebration and one part scouting run for potential new partners.

Santa Ana Del Valle, Oaxaca

We loved it. We loved the city of Oaxaca (the food! the craft beer!).

Tierra Blanca, cerveza artesanal

(this Tierra Blanca was deliciously refreshing after a full day out and about in the 90+ degree heat)

We loved the amazing weekend market in Tlacolula. And we really loved checking out the small town of Teotitlan del Valle and seeing the fantastic hand-woven bags, rugs, coasters, pillow cases, etc. The skill and artistry to found in this small town is truly incredible. 

Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca 

We did buy a few bags during that trip. And they did not last long in the showroom. But we haven't gotten back to Oaxaca again. Between the 5 - 6 trips we make out to Michoacán each year and other personal trips we make, that doesn't leave a lot of extra time to get down to Oaxaca (which is about a 5 - 6 hour drive from cdmx).  

Lately we have been updating our web site, trying to have it better reflect everything we carry in our showroom. And like everyone else in Mexico and the rest of the world during times of Covid, we have been brainstorming ways to keep our business vital and relevant. Since travel is a bit complicated these days it is more challenging for us to take long scouting trips. And there are fewer tourists traveling down to Oaxaca, which means the artisans have fewer opportunities to sell their work. So we reached out to one of the weavers we had met in Teotitlan Del Valle to propose a partnership idea. After exchanging a few messages via whatsapp followed by a 15 minute chat via FaceTime, we agreed that Paskwarho would be a key distributor in cdmx for our partner Porfirio and the network of artisan families that make up his co-op. They make beautiful handbags, cross body bags, and make up bags ... like this 

Please check out the bags and let us know what you think.  


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